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TE12000 Computer Automation

Why automate the production machines?
So you can use a computer to monitor, control, keep track of data, and warn you of problems.
But more importantly so you can save share and improve your process by using a computer to control your process and analyze and graph your results while providing feedback to the machine so that it can adjust output on the fly! 

You will be able to see what you did and how you did it with a graphics interface that controls the machine or you can hide that process from anyone using it. You can play back the whole process save, store and use again. Being able to create a repeatable process is the first step to standardizing your extractions and process so you can move into larger industries with your products.

Our objective is to show how the Computer Interfaced Large Production Extractors are superior to all other extraction systems by showing how this machine can churn out exact replicas time and again. We can only do this if data can be compiled when extracting various types of plant materials. Combine this data with our data and more data and eventually we will have an ability to graph the outcome of any plant extraction with a controlled set of extraction parameters such as heat, cold, time, solvent combinations, pressure, filtration and various other controllable factors.

Tamisium Extraction Automation Process Screen

Variations in set extraction parameters can be altered without warning when manually operating a large system. A ISO compliant Standardization Process cannot tolerate any deviation. The computer will constantly monitor and adjust to ensure the same products discovered are created time and time again.
We have decided that human error coupled with the changing environmental influences are too much for most people to compensate for on a consistent basis when a process is stretched over a longer period of time. With the ability to literally extract an infinitie variety of products from what appears to be an unlimited variety of materials, it is imperative that a computer monitor, control the process and keep track of results when extracting in larger scale especially when consumables are the objective.

Our system and method is our patentable trademark secret. The computer will hold that process intact and protect our interest and the interest of anyone who uses our process.

There are so many industries that this technology can work in and laws are changing for all plant based products. We believe our initial steps will pave the way into larger and profitable areas as new laws are created or eliminated allowing more lateral movement with a standardized complient process.

A computer will allow remote control and easy access to logs and other important data. Your intellectual property or extraction processes can be stored and can be invisible or invisible to anyone using the machine. You can retrieve it onto a portable memory storage device and transport or store your data. State permitted labs have the option to be easily managed when a state compliance program is put in place.

What can a Computer Automated Extractor can do for your business?

  • Computer Controlled - FULLY AUTOMATED - Can be run from your computer and have data and controls execuated from your smart phone allowing you the freedom to accomplish other goals and reduce man hours.
  • Extraction Data Downloadable to any PC/Email Address located anywhere in the world to allow the first internet ready full State Compliant Capable System.
  • States requiring lab permits now have the option of a much more accurate and easier compliance system than ever before.
    Data can be logged, managed, shared or downloaded to save the user time creating a more accurate management system.
  • Compliance is more manageable for employers with a number of employees. Keeps track of what went in and out and who operated it.
  • The computer can do all this while extracting, recovering, and cleaning the solvent for reuse indefinitely.
  • Consumes the lowest wattage of any extractor or solvent recovery system ever created. Now a cost effective bio fuel extractor is a reality. Can create fuel with zero loss for the first time. Requires as little as 500 watts of power. Could easily be run on alternate power sources.
  • Extracts then Cleans and Recovers the solvent in one cycle. No need to monitor, change lines or open valves.
  • It can extract a repeatable, intellectual property protected product over and over again exactly the same way each time using the 6 extraction parameters controlled by a computer. The data can be stored retrieved on any automated tamisium system.

If you put the same product in, you can get the same product out. This is the first step to a proper dosage delivery system and repeatable quality. With all the new discoveries taking place by extracting from newly developed hybrid plants, you will be required to be able to do this soon and you will not have to share your methods with the operator of the apparatus.

In addition, you can discover and create new products that have never been created before because, for the first time, this extractor is capable of performing any extraction capable of being performed and some that have never been done before. Save the method used to create it and do it again as described above. Later a self learning program can be implemented that will allow you to use data to direct the computer to make changes for you that will target or avoid various compounds.

It can be set up to email or text you every time the machine comes on and report who is using it, what is being extracted from, and what the extract is being produced for. You can stop the extraction from any location, turn the machine on or off or just check progress and adjust parameters from anywhere in the world.


Sincere Regards

David McGhee


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