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TE3000 EXTRA RECOVERY TANK with VRV Safety Valve

TE3000 EXTRA RECOVERY TANK with VRV Safety Valve
TE3000 EXTRA RECOVERY TANK with VRV Safety Valve
Product Code: TE3000-ERT
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Price: $3,995.00
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  • TE3000 RC Tank Fitted.
  • JIC Siphon Tube with Ball Valve and Safety QD
  • Includes Short Recovery Line with Female Safety QD Couplers

Why an extra Recovery Tank? If you take a close look at the TE3000 you will notice that system uses a Recovery Tank to send the solvent through the column and at the same time it uses another Recovery Tank placed in a Freezer to pull the solvent through the column for use during cold extractions. This extra tank also allows you to keep your butane when purging versus letting it go through the safety purge line. If you use this second Recovery Tank to create the vacuum you will not need to reduce the temperature of your Extractor Tank. Reducing the temperature and therefore the pressure of your Extra Recovery Tank while it is connected to your Extractor Tank will create the same vacuum or reduced temperature in your Extractor Tank because the two Tanks and their atmospheres are open to each other while one is being chilled. In addition, you will be recovering your solvent while you are extracting from your plant material.

If that was not enough to make you purchase an additional Recovery Tank, then listen to this. After your Recovery Tank on top is empty of all the solvent, you can now remove it and place it in the freezer or cold bath along side the Recovery Tank already recovering solvent in the Freezer or Cold Bath. When you hook both those tanks together in series while in the freezer you have doubled your Condensation Surface area. This increased Surface area condensing vapor into liquid will greatly increase the speed of Evaporation and Solvent Recovery as long as your heating system can keep up with the extra cooling created with all this evaporation going on.


  1. Your Extra Recovery Tank will come pressure checked and assembled with 2 ball valves and 2 Safety Quick Disconnect Male Nipples just like the one in the TE3000 system.
  2. In addition to that you will receive a Teflon Core Caustic Chemical Rated High Pressure Braided Stainless Steel Reinforced Recovery Line with 2 Stainless Steel Safety Quick Disconnect Couplers to allow you to connect to your current Recovery Tank to run them in series in your Freezer or Cold Bath.
  3. New Tanks are fitted with a Vented Safety Pressure Relief Valve to relieve pressure in the event hat the tank is over heated and or over filled. Set to 125 psi

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