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TE3000 Lexan Lid with Vacuum Gauge and Safety QD accessories

TE3000 Lexan Lid with Vacuum Gauge and Safety QD accessories
Product Code: LLF3000
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Price: $595.00
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TE3000 Lexan Lid with Safety QD Nipple and Vacuum Gauge accessories.

This lid can be used with your exsiting Wide Mouth Extractor / Dryer Tank or you can purchase an additional Dryer Tank so that you can perform a vacuum on your finished extract while performing another extraction simultaneously with your clean extra Extractor / Dryer Tank. Comes with a 1/4" male Safety QD for attaching to your High Pressure Line so that you can use your line to connect to any 1/4" pipe thread outlet on various vacuum pumps and compressors. You may need another 1/4" npt male QD for your pump if you want to use our High Pressure Line with QD female coupler attached.

If you dont have a Dryer Tank Heating Pad you may want to get one of those. With the heating pad and controller you can adjust the temperature of your extract to just at the point that it becomes liquid. This will avoid any unwanted heating to ensure you do not evaporate any volatile oils away that you extracted out but will apply just enough heat to melt your waxes and oils so that you can easily remove any unwanted solvents that will evaporate at that temperature or below that temp. Butane is very easily removed at very low temps so long as you melt your extracts into a liquid state and keep them there.


Disclaimer: Lexan is notorious for surface cracks. If a surface crack appears on your lexan lid after use it is normal. If the crack goes all the way through then please call us for replacement up to one year after purchase. We made the lids particularly thick to prevent cracking all the way through. DO NOT USE LEXAN LIDS WITH ACETONE!


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