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Standardizing an out of control Industry

How to choose a Solvent and Extractor?

Some Oregon marijuana CO2 extracts contain high levels of possible carcinogen

CO2 Operator reveals the facts about low yields using SCFE CO2



Swiss analysis regarding use of Butane as propellant in consumables

Tamisium compared to CO2 Extractor Like Cost Systems

Tamisium PLRV Closed Passive Dumbed Down version compared to
Closed Loop Pump Based Extractors

LOI Letter of Intent to Purchase

Brochure page 1

Brochure page 2

Banner with Testimonials

History of Tamisium Extractors PDF

Article in Rosebud Magazine Volume 3 Issue 24 

Third Party Refrigeration Recovery Machine Article Refrigerant Recovery Machines are Poisoning the Cannabis Industry.

Butane MSDS

Report showing products made with butane or have butane in the final product, consumable and topical
( Starts on pp 62 )




2015 High Times Magazine Stard Award For Extractor of the Year: Issue 476


TE12000 Automation System in Class 1 Division 1 Room


 TE12000 Automation Final Vapor Recovery


What you need to know before buying an Extractor -
1st in a series created by Tamisium Owner David McGhee


Terence McKenna talks about importance of plants and recording the plant database
before it is lost forever?


 David McGhee Tamisium Extractors TamiE Inc Owner Radio Interview

Tamisium Features Summary TE3000 TE12000 - Problems with Closed Loop Eliminated

Tamisium Process Summary TE3000 TE12000 - Closed Loop Issues Addressed

Extract Slideshow from Tamisium Customers over 10 years, Multiple Industries
No holds barred images of the good and bad. Remember markets change over the years.
What appears as great this year was not desirable last year. What is bad this year was actually
the cream of the crop a few years ago.
The point is that no market will ever desire something you cannot give them. And from any plant.
It is only a matter of time before combining other plants in the extraction process is sought after by 
the consumer. To appease a market desiring more than what just one plant can deliver is what
you will have to be able to do.







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