Table Top Tamisium Extractor - TE175 (2+ ounce)

2+ Ounce (60+ grams) 175 milliliter column capacity / 700ml Solvent capacity

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TE-175-Wide Mouth Super Deluxe SystemTE175 Super Deluxe Wide Mouth System

The TE175 Table Top Tamisium 175 ml / 2+ ounce Extractor

CLOSED PASSIVE SYSTEM that does not need to continuously loop solvent. The tanks hold an adequate amount of solvent to completely extract in one pass and passively recovers all the solvent for reuses without the aid of any pumps.
Extractions and full solvent recovery can be as fast as 30 minutes. Holding all the solvent needed allows you to prepare the solvent in such a way that you can extract anything and everything from anything.

You are looking at the most basic form of the first Laboratory Quality Extraction Apparatus in the world that will let you Extract CHEMICALS AND OR OIL with up to 98% efficiency using a non toxic organically friendly hydrocarbon liquid solvent at a easy to manage pressure that will allow you to control the time, temperature, pressure, and polarity in one system and recover the solvent to reuse over and over again.




Any Tamisium Extractor
can extract up to 95-98% of the oils or non polar compounds from plant material. If you want to know how much it can extract out in grams then you have to know how much in grams is in the plant material. Regardless it has the highest yield of non polar oils extracted out of any hydrocarbon cold recovering rpocess, By comparison it is your best option.
It can also extract out 80-85% of the polar compounds by adding a co solvent. You can do this at the same time or in a separate extraction on the same material you just extracted. The cost to run the system is so low you can run it 4 times before you approach the cost of a SCF CO2 extraction process.

By comparison

  • Extract almost 3x faster,
  • at 1/4 the cost to operate,
  • with higher yields
  • with easier control in targeting specific compounds
  • at less than half the initial upstart cost for equipment
  • without the same headache of cleaning equipment or repairing pumps.

All this is due to the facts that you are using a Liquid Solvent at low pressure and can recover without the aid of additional pumps. If you are looking at a apparatus that requires additional pumps to recover a low pressure solvent then you are looking at a pirated system in which the designer failed to grasp some key concepts in the way our tanks and column are designed. Quality of the finished product is equal or better due to the fact that you can control the solvent types, solvent temp and contact time and pressure. This system allows you to max out these controls or turn them off completely.

TE175 above is not shown with the optional Extra Recovery Tank and optional Heating System attached. The package with both those optional items is discounted and is called the Total Package and can be found by clicking the appropriate link on the left of every page.

1. All Tamisium Systems will allow you to extract and recover the solvent for reuse.

Adding an extra RC Tank allows you to recover twice as fast versus one RC tank. The added Tank also assist you in the extraction process. Desribed in the included illustrated manual.

Adding the Heating System allows you to perfrom controlled heated extractions and Recover more easily.

There is a Vacuum Pkg that can be added to any TE175 Extractor pkg. This Vacuum Pkg allows you to vacuum solvent or oils away and dry your finished product. IT is not to be mistaken as the solvent recovery system included with every Tamisium Extractor. 
Heat and High Pressure can cause molecules to change or degrade which is why it is so important to extract without them when possible. Adding heat at a different stage such as when cleaning and refining allows you to decide when and how much is added.


TE175 Development.

The TE175 was originally developed to test extraction solvent and herbal extract combination's to see how the various extraction parameters effect the output product., prior to investing in the expense of running them through a larger extraction process. We soon discovered the extreme efficiency in time, labor and money when using these small extractors and now offer them for sale to the public in hopes that home chemist will have a more useful economical tool to better our understanding of the botanical world and what it has to offer.

For private home use I pondered the idea that there could be a market that could make good use of these table top extractors for the purpose of time sensitive herbal remedies and homeopathic herbal extractions. Components that had to be used quickly and needed to be extracted in smaller scale.
In some herbal extractions, the active properties may only last a few weeks or less before degrading rapidly. These smaller extractors allow one to extract only what they can use in a short period of time. Enhancing the quality of the product being extracted out. I have used them to extract the chemicals and or oils from Frankincense, Lavender, Kava Kava, Comfrey Leaf, and Rosemary to name a few. And many textures can be derived from varying your extraction parameters during the extraction process. Such as reducing or increasing temperature, density, and pressure to name a few.
I can get 1 ounce of oil from 3 ounces of frankincense resin and near 10 grams of oil from 60 grams of lavender using this exact apparatus when using nothing but liquid non toxic n-butane.


Standing nearly 2 feet tall when assembled and weighing close to 18 pounds. These are heavy duty extraction apparatus suitable for any lab environment. No more broken glass. Your grandchildren will pass this apparatus on to their children.

Totally closed system allows one to use non toxic N-Butane as a liquid solvent in a safe manner. In addition, you can now recover the solvent for reuse without heating mantles, compressors or expensive chilling apparatus and it recovers the butane used in as little as one hour while separating from any other solvents if any were added. Yes, you heard correctly, you can add solvents to the butane for extracting chemicals other than what butane is capable of. Using polarity matching and chemical saturation you can add exactly the solvent you need, in exactly the amount you need to use, to ensure you get as much of the chemical you want out of the plant material and we will show you how to do it. You can even extract from the same plant material TWICE with different solvents combination's if desired which will give you two separated extractions from the same material. Defatting is a necessary process when extracting chemicals from some botanicals. For lab testing speed and economy, you will be ahead of your competition.

After HPLC Analysis, we have shown up to 98% extraction efficiency using the extractor shown here with a single pass. Some have compared the results achieved with an HPLC extraction.


  • Capable of using N Butane Solvent in a safe closed system
  • Extract Chemicals or Oils from Plant Matter, Soil, Rock or any other non liquid material.
  • Extract in under 1 minute or Extend the Extraction for as long as desired. Use Rapid Burst, Soak or Slow Drip. Use Heat applied to solvent and plant matter or Extract Sub Freezing.
  • Store solvent in tanks when not in use when properly filled.
  • Extract hot or room temperature.
  • Use lower Pressure or add Pressure via accessory included.
  • Check pressures with gauge on additional fittings on tanks.
  • Recover all the butane in as little as 1 hour.
  • Use Butane alone or combine with other solvents. Add solvent with butane to participate in the extraction. Or add solvents in bottom of extractor to facilitate easy removal of the extract if not extracting volatile oils.
  • Easily separate added solvents from butane during the recovery process
  • Extracts anything from any plant based on polarity matched solvents and saturation point.


This is by far The Most Safe, Simple, Easy, Versatile Extractor I have ever used !


You are not just buying JUST an Extractor.
You are buying a proven process and a method of extraction as well as an easy low cost method of recovering the solvent so you can spend your time and money on a safe system that saves you money in the long run. RECOVER, RECYCLE, REUSE.

All Tamisium Extractors come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.




TE 700 Total Pkg. Similar to what the TE175 Total Pkg looks like. 
If you need a full commercial capable system than you may consider starting with this half pound extractor capable of extracting and recovering solvent in as little as 2 hours.

Shown with Recovery System and Connections, Nozzle Adapter for use with disposable solvent canisters along with all the optional Accessories (Activated Charcoal not shown) Accessories shown, Extra RC Tank or Solvent Condenser Tank for recovering the solvent for reuse. All lines, connections, quick disconnects and seals are included for recovery. Including valves.. Buna Seals and Orings. 

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