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  • rm CA 03 Sep 2016
    I've had the te 12000 for two weeks. I've done about 12 runs. I'm more than happy with the yields. It's easy to use and most of all I feel really safe. I want to thank David for really going out of his way and helping with things that he's not obligated to help with. The te 12000 is a real solid piece of equipment.
    RMY CA
  • Steve Colorado 07 Sep 2015
    Our company decided to add a Tamisium extractor to our workflow recently. The quality of extracts has impressed all our operators. Look forward to changing out all our extractors into Tamisium systems in the near future.
  • Jesse CA 01 May 2015
    I am so please to be writing this testimonial. Our company is the proud owner of the first TE12000! This unit is a workhorse, simple yet built like a tank. I am constantly amazed at the subtleties of this passive system. We have no worries about pumps breaking or losing our minds due to nose from a pump. The quality of these machines are top notch,pictures certainly do not do them justice. Beyond heavy duty, and the craftsmanship is superb. As David suggests on the website, buy something you can grow into! As we continue to grow we will continue to support this company and use their machines.
    CEO Shiva Sani
  • Dudley Scott Washington state 23 Apr 2014
    I have had my Tamisium for just over a year now and it has been the best investment that I have ever made. It has allowed me and my wife a comfortable living. I have a table at a farmers market and this unit covers all my needs and wants. The best design out there, with no pumps or moving parts. I would recommend this unit to any one that needs a work horse that just won't quit.
    sole proprietor of Hilde's Garden
  • pablo Texas 29 Jan 2014
    A year into my extractor I am still blown away by what the quality of my extractions. Simply one amazing piece of equipment!
  • Alex Dallas 26 Apr 2013
    Ive heard only but good things about your extractors. Saw the pictures but when I finally had one in my hands there was only one word to describe it. WOW! This thing is awesome and that is no joke!
  • Marcus United States 14 Mar 2011
    This is just one of the types of textures you can expect from a TE700 system. Scraped right out of the bottom of the extractor after a full recovery of pure butane
    Tamisum Extractor Customer
  • Adam Colorado 04 Mar 2011
    the t700 is awsome..the product the t700 produces is excellent... i need 2 or 3 of the t700's to stay up on production. i am very pleased i purchased the t700..look fwd to larger models of the t700.product service is excelllent as well
    Tamisum Extractor Customer
  • Rebecca United States 03 Mar 2011
    I am a professional chemist and lab employee. We use every extraction system available. I have not touched any other extraction apparatus after receiving this extractor. Took a few times to understand the full capability of the Tamisium Process and Extractor but I realized the true genius is understood best when using the tool and the method developed for the tool. It is the most incredible extraction apparatus system available to date. If dont read the manual, you are not going to be able to take full advantage. It is possible to get an absolute or concrete using the same system. That is remarkable just to say.
    Tamisum Extractor Customer
  • Customer Sydney Australia 26 Apr 2011
    I am so pleased with the TE700. With its very clever design I am able to extract essential oil from targetted frangipani flowers. i am about to test other tropical flowers and plants. with the TE700, I have a machine and process that has saved me thousands of dollars and recovers all the N-Butane for reuse. such a great system. Having David available with a world of advice gave me the confidence to buy the TE700 in the first place.Regards Tony Hall
    Tamisum Extractor Customer
  • Customer United States 16 Jun 2011
    First of all: your extractor is *incredible*. The presentation and packaging is extremely professional. The thing is built like a tank and performs exactly as you demonstrate. Honestly, it has taken our business up a level. In fact, we will be ordering a TE700 soon.
    Tamisum Extractor Customer
  • Customer Texas 29 Aug 2011
    This is a picture of 2 ounces of oil extracted from the 8 ounce column of rosemary setting next to it. The column shows how densely packed the column was. The oil is almost an absolute. I have been able to obtain waxy solids or absolute oils by varying the time and temperature during extraction. I have just pulled out a very waxy solid by performing a warmed solvent and warmed column extraction. Then recovering evaporating all the butane away. Freezing the solid allowed me to easily remove it from the bottom. I could have elected to retain some of the butane or add some back into the extractor tank and poured it out while in solution.
    Tamisum Extractor Customer
  • Customer United States 12 Jul 2011
    I am 2011 medical cannabis cup concentrate winner,I won this award using TE700 .It makes the cleanest purest Meds in cali,thanks to great customer asstince along the way till u fully understand the unit .I have only had this unit 4 months ,best investment I have ever made.\"Vernon Phillips \"owner of Phillips Rx
    Tamisum Extractor Customer
  • Customer California 27 Sep 2011
    Hello Rik from 420 X-traction\'s in Ca, I LOVE this device I have been using the TE-175 for a little over a year now, and I can not even imagine making our oils with any other device period! David you have really opened up so much to our patients here that we would all like to say THANKS! We are currently talking to investors about expansion of our company and we can not wait to get the TE-700 with the heating jackets. Hope we can get three or four! anyway thanks and keep it up!
    Tamisum Extractor Customer
  • Customer California 28 Sep 2011
    Once again, thank you for the excellent product. You really have changed out business. I hope you\'re using my testimonial on your site somewhere. AJ
    Tamisum Extractor Customer
  • Customer Canada 06 Dec 2011
    Bought the extractor thought i was going to have trouble with shipping/customs called had great suport and he traced it as it went through.Extractor works awesome still learning but results couldnt be better.Just got my nbutane so really want to try 1 out soon.Great product made my money back first go around thanx for all the tech suport.The cold canadian
    Tamisum Extractor Customer
  • Tony United States 15 Jan 2012
    I bought this Tamisium 175 a couple months ago. Well worth the money just for the safety reasons alone; Recovery of solvent is pretty nice al$o. Needless to say I've done over 25 extractions with no problems. A lot of trial and error with the Tami but that's the fun part. Great outcome every time. The Tami is well built, worth every penny. I would love to see a workshop put together for us in Colorado. I do have a few questions... Please let me know when/if you do decide to come back to Colorado.
    Tamisum Extractor Customer
  • Richard United States 09 Feb 2012
    David, I have one. You are under priced my friend. I paid myself back after 1 week with what I produced and have never produced any product like this with any other extraction system and I am just scratching the surface. Stick around for a while Tamisium
    Tamisum Extractor Customer
  • Clay Pierce United States 26 Mar 2012
    Mr. Key Keeper I too utilize the roll-heat-draw method of extraction for many decades now. So I will need to augment my intake with edibles made with extractions, and as you probably know the Tamisium Butane Extractor is the thing to use for extractions of this kind. Speaking of, how have your extractions been going? Send me an email, show me the results
    Tamisum Extractor Customer
  • Adam United States 02 Apr 2012
    I made 285g of extract in 3 daze with one t700....they look like macadamian cookies ...with 1 pack out....2 pack outs look like a pancake!!!!
    Tamisum Extractor Customer

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