Vacuum Dryer Tank Package

Vacuum Packages

Tamisium Extractor Vacuum Kits include a Extra Extractor Tank which serves as a Dryer Tank, Heating Pad with Controller and a clear Lexan Lid with Vacuum Gauge and Safety QD for attaching a vacuum line from your vacuum pump or Vacuum RC Tank/s. You can elect to use your current Extractor Tank if you have a wide mouth system. The lexan lid will fit like model sizes.

With a Tamisium Extractor Vacuum System you can evaporate away and or recover any solvent and or volatile oils that will boil away at any specified boiling point that you set using the heating pad and controller within a range of 0-212F. This will allow you to dry your extracts of all solvents but will also allow you to dry and away thinner oils harden your products if desired. You can recover your oils that evaporate away if you have a condenser to capture any expelled vapors.

You can omit the Extractor/Dryer Tank from the order if you currently have a wide mouth Extraction System because you can utilize your current Extractor Tank to be used with the Lexan Lid with like size models. However if time is important and you don't want to stifle your extraction processes while you wait for your Extractor Dryer tank to finish drying you may elect to purchase an additional Extractor Tank in one of the kits below.

If you own a TE175 or TE700 you are not required to use a same size dryer tank. You may choose to buy the next larger dryer tank that holds more volume so that you can capture even more extractions in one tank so that you can perform your drying process once on many extractions.

Having a system like this allows you to quickly and safely open the top to agitate and quickly close it again to continue. Add a stirrer hot plate and agitate automatically while getting a good visual of the progress.


Disclaimer: Lexas is notorious for surface cracks. If a surface crack appears on your lexan lid after use it is normal. If the crack goes all the way through then please call us for replacement up to one year after purchase. We made the lids particularly thick to prevent cracking all the way through.


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