TE3000 1 Kilo


Tamisium TE3000 1 kilo Capacity Production Model with Rapid Solvent Recovery System, Expanded Advanced High Wattage Silicone Heating System with 4 Heaters and 3 controllers, Sucker/Dryer Tank w/Clear and Stainless Lids all Assembled and Tested.

Now with sight glass and threaded drain plug and boosted wattage for faster extraction and recovery!


Our company goal is to continue to offer table top extractors to private parties for research and development, however we also build LARGER Extractors for Commercial application.

Shown above in the main photo is the TE3000 1 kilo capacity system capable of extracting from over 2 pounds and recovering the solvent in under 4 hours. You could go even faster during solvent recovery if you are not extracting volatile oils but this system really shines as a delicate volatile oil extractor when slow is better. By incorporating the innate physical characteristics of butane to perform a low pressure low temperature extraction we can produce the highest quality extracts in the world with the least effort without high heat or pressure. Vetiver is a perfect example when it comes to understanding what heat can do to a oil and what is required in time and labor to remove the harmful effects. It can take up to 60 days to remove the unwanted reactions created when extracting vetiver oil using high heat processes. Using high pressures would not even be economically feasable. Don't get caught scratching your head while your competition leaves you behind.

Shown in the picture are the heating jackets for each tank and the column with independent controllers capable of 1/10 degree accuracy. We include a heating pad for the small vacuum tank used to evaporate and recover all remaining solvents if desired. We have a few other tricks that will have your competition wondering how you do it. We will inform you of those after purchase and will share future developments with you as we progress with more efficient equipment and ingenious designs.


Tamisium TE3000 Dryer Sucker Tank Take a look on the inside of the dryer/sucker tank. This tank is created using several different machined parts. After machining them out they are welded together and then machined again to form a perfect shape to ensure a perfect seal. Welding causes metal to warp. Machining the sealing surface after the parts are welded together corrects any misalignment issues. After the tank is welded and machined, we then remove any weld marks. With every weld, the part is surrounded with Argon Gas to prevent oxidation during the welding process. This is necessary if you want a food grade product that will not trap bacteria or corrode. With food grade parts you cannot have areas for food particles to deposit where bacteria can grow. The surface has to be polished and free of pitting cracks and crevices.

TE3000 Sucker Tank with Heater and ControllerOn the top of this short cylindrical tank a o-ring groove is cut into the surface which seals against a flat top with various fittings and a resealing pressure relief valve for safety. These fittings allow you to monitor extract inside while you add more extract or solvent or dry it out for final preparation. You can compile multiple extractions into this tank which allows you to vacuum dry out the extract from multiple runs in a single instance. A heating pad with a temp controller accompanies this very important piece of equipment. Maintaining a constant predetermined temperature to counter any cooling effect from evaporation ensures complete removal of a specific solvent during drying phase. You can also use this tank to steam distil any essential oils from your higher viscosity extracts with the addition of a simple condenser connected to the output. Now you can make expensive more isolated essential oils based on their varying boiling points for less money and have a edge on your competition with this unique steam distillation process.

The TE3000 Recovery Tank doubles as a Solvent Delivery TankHere is a closer look at the Solvent Delivery Tank and Recovery Tank. A simple tank that is not so simple. Machined from 10 separate parts and assembled like the sucker tank described above in a specific order that allows us to remove the welds as we go. This unique design allows us to focus temperature transfer in all the right places with carefully engineered ratios of thickness and dimensions. You see here 4 connections strategically placed in various locations. One is for receiving vapors. One is for monitoring with the  accessories that are included with every system. There is another fitting which holds a very special safety relief valve that vents unsafe pressures from the tank and reseals after safe pressures have been reached. This relief valve can be set up to vent into the atmosphere or the venting can be directed to another safe location. There is a final valve in the center. This unique carefully designed proprietary fitting allows you to convert your RC Tank into a upright Vapor Tank for receiving or sending vapors. When this valve is used in this way, you can invert your RC Tank onto the Tamisium Column as you have learned to do with the smaller systems which allows you to drain out the solvent using gravity. However, with this new fitting you can easily remove it and replace it with a fitting that has a siphon tube attached. You can do this as many times as you wish. It is self sealing and requires no seals. When a siphon tube is used you can draw liquid from the bottom while the tank is still setting upright. For people that either lack the mobility or the strength to maneuver this tank onto the column, they now have another option and we will tell you how to do it using nothing more than small pressure differentials.


There is much more. Call or email if you have specific questions about any part of the process or system.



Below I have outlined the features and benefits of the now regularly stocked TE3000 Commercial Tamisium System by summarizing what is included in our base commercial systems and why. 

Larger systems are built to order and will operate the same way as described below.

1. With the TE3000, our newest Production Commercial System, you can extract from +- 1 kilo of plant material and recover the solvent in between 4-8 hours with the standard system included.

2. Faster 1-2 hour recovery times can be achieved with our proprietary Rapid Solvent Evaporating and Recovery Process.

Note: When extracting out volatile oils and chemicals, any rapid evaporating processes should be avoided. Excessive wattage for heating and cooling is required for this process and you run the risk of evaporating out components that have low boiling points. In this tested and proven process we have optimized the recovery speed in our base design to facilitate the highest yield possible when extracting out volatile oil/chemical components with low boiling points. Consider the fact that all Tamisium Extractors are by design a Volatile Oil Extraction Apparatus. It can do both components with high and low boiling points however it really shines when extracting oils, aromas, fragrances and flavors. Delicate or Aggressive in one system!

Rapid Recovery is an option that we can provide only if you are not worried about evaporating away volatile oils such as in the case when your only target/s are chemicals with high boiling points. You can always run a volatile oil extraction first (defat), remove the finished product, then run the system again targeting other compounds where a rapid recovery process can be useful in saving time.

3. It is a safe enough system that it would allow you to set it up to extract and recover without monitoring. Optional actuator ball valves can fully automate the process. You can set it up to run overnight and come back to a finished product in the morning even without the automation process.

4. You have the option of draining out the extract while still diluted in a small amount of butane or other transport solvent without opening the main tanks.
Or you have the option of completely drying the Extraction Tank of all solvent and creating a concrete which can then be easily removed through the wide port from the tank by accessing the concrete from the inside.

5. An additional tank will be supplied so that you can easily add co solvents to the system after it has been pressurized with the main carrier solvent. This allows you to avoid purging pressure from the system when possible. Avoiding purging allows you to save even more solvent and enhances safety.

6. All tanks are fitted with adequate fittings so that monitoring can take place without being forced to remove other fittings during the various operations.

7. All Tanks will come with custom fitted Removable Heating Jackets. With the exception of the bottom Extraction Tank which will have a high wattage lower bonded heating system that cannot be removed in addition to a removable heating jacket for the wall. The bonded heating jacket will allow you to completely dry or evaporate all the solvent from the tank so that it can be opened with minimal solvent loss. The removable jacket will allow you only evaporate the solvent that touches the wall so that you can more easily leave a small amount of butane solvent in the tank to maintain dilution and easy removal of the extract by draining in the case that you do not want to open the tank or see a need to further refine the extract while you set the main system up to run again.

8. All Recovery Tanks are fitted standard with a VRV Valve for safety. Vented Relief Valve.

9. We are working with a company to design a digital temperature probe to monitor evaporating temps and recovery temps digitally and wirelessly. We feel monitoring this parameter is a major key to producing and repeating some of the highest quality extractions ever produced.
A fitting will be supplied on all tanks to accommodate a constant temperature monitor. Other accessories will be removable to avoid mishaps during movement of the tanks.

10. On the smaller designs, you still have the option to vertically assemble your system OR you can set the Solvent Delivery Tank upright beside the extractor tank and siphon the solvent from the tank with our custom siphon assembly supplied with each Solvent/Recovery Tank. No need for vacuum pumps. We have it all figured out for you.

This system design can be up scaled to any size but a vertical stacking option would obviously be limited to how much weigh you can safely lift. 
As for the columns of plant material we can supply you with column lifting and rotating machines.


Price $24,995 for a complete TE3000 system with Extra RC Tank. 4 silicone heaters, 2 heat controllers, Sucker/Dryer Tank with stainless lid. Assembled Pressure checked and tested. 

  • You get a 3000 ml column which holds over 2 pounds of plant material. The column lid threads on for easy access and has been configured to allow you to recover solvent from the bottom and top of the column simultaneously.
  • 12,000 ml Extractor Tank with Wide mouth access and bottom drain access. Comes with a High Wattage permanent bonded Silicone Heating Pad on tank bottom controlled by a dual zone controller accurate to 1 degree
  • 12,000 ml Solvent Delivery Tank / Solvent Recovery Tank with Heating Jacket controlled by a dual zone controller accurate to one degree.
  • Extra 12,000 ml Solvent Delivery Tank / Solvent Recovery Tank to cut recovery times in half and recover solvent simultaneously while extracting.
  • 4000 ml Solvent Dryer / Evaporator Tank / Catch Tank with 10" wide mouth access and heating pad with temperature controller. A Stainless Lid and a See Thru Lid. Collect multiple extractions into one easy access tank that is designed for easy refinement and cleaning extracts of solvents with a vacuum pump.
  • Over $4,000 of Stainless Safety Connections and Stainless Steel Braided Caustic Chemical High Pressure Lines. You get a separate set for all liquid or vapor transfers for each process.
  • Safety inline Relief Valves with pre set Crack Pressures on every tank
  • All Accessories needed to monitor and control your extraction parameters so you can repeat the process over and over to ensure you get the same quality out every time.
  • Multiple connections of various sizes on every tank for easy accessory hook up and monitoring while liquid and vapor transfers are taking place.
  • Liquid Siphon conversion kit for both Recovery and Solvent Delivery Tanks. This kit gives you the ability to take vapor from a tank or liquid without inverting the tank. However you still have the ability to Invert the Solvent Delivery Tank and stack it on the system if you are concerned with space. If lifting weight is an issue you can siphon the solvent from the tank without inverting if desired.  


What can this extractor do for your business?

  • All test have shown results to be superior to any other oil extraction process.
  • Cost to operate is a fraction compared to high temp and high pressure systems.
  • Safety is paramount and is the reason behind the conception of the original system. Safety Redundancy in place.
  • Bio Fuel and some Medicine production that was cost prohibitive can now be cost effective.
  • Extracts Slow, Fast, Hot, Sub Freezing, With multiple polarity solvents so you can target one specific component in a plant in a zero pressure or higher system for the first time ever with Zero Negative Reaction.
  • Consumes the lowest wattage of any extractor or solvent recovery system ever created. Now a cost effective bio fuel extractor is a reality. Can create fuel with a negative loss for the first time. Better than cost effective. It is now profitable.
  • Extracts and recovers the solvent in one cycle. No need to set to extract and then again to recover the solvent. Set it up, Leave it overnight and come back to a finished product.
  • No compressors or pumps or any of the problems associated with their use are necessary anymore. When extracting chemicals with high boiling points you can accomplish even faster recovery times than with commercial recovery machines, hassle and worry free, with our proven system of recovery. With volatile oils with lower boiling points requiring slower solvent recovery you still have that option. The best of both worlds.


If you are interested in having your own 2 pound or larger oil extractor, contact Tamisium Extractors Inc. by email to discuss options for purchase or call direct at 817-726-7525.

Please remember that most solvents are flammable. When opening and closing any of the extractors, please safely purge the units and do so in a well ventilated, spark free environment. The smaller units can be taken outside. Know the properties of the solvents being used for any process of any extraction with any apparatus. Accessory Safety Purge lines are available for each extractor.

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