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TE-175 Accessories

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Siphon Caps
Siphon caps allow you to replace your older cap on your RC tanks with a new cap that has a siphon tu..
TE175 Extra Recovery Tank (with VRV safety valve)
Why an extra Recovery Tank? If you take a close look at the TE3000 and larger systems you will notic..
TE175 Lexan Lid Vacuum Gauge and Safety QD
D   isclaimer: Lexan is notorious for surface cracks. If a surface crack appears on your lexa..
Carry Case
$139 Price when purchased indivually. ($50 OFF for Standard,  Deluxe or Super Deluxe Purch..
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Extra Teflon Butane Nozzle Adaptor with 1/4x1/4 Lead Free Brass Nipple
For Disposable Solvent Canisters ( Teflon ) Universal to fit all Disposable Solvent Canist..
Granulated Activated Charcoal ( 1 pound )
This is not your average pet store Charcoal. This AC is what you need to decolor and dewax your pro..
Laser Thermometer
We use this thermometer to check when solvent recovery is complete. Without it you will have to remo..
Pressure Gauge with Brass Safety QD Coupler
160 psi oil filled, Comes with brass safety Quick Disconnect (1/4" MNPT) (photo may vary f..
Pressure Gauge with STAINLESS SAFETY QD Coupler
160 psi oil filled, Comes with STAINLESS SAFETY Quick Disconnect (1/4" MNPT) (photo may vary&nb..
Safety Purge Line with Brass SAFETY QD and Push to Connect QD
Coupler 20 ft Purge Line with 1/4 inch Brass SAFETY Quick Disconnect. You can use this Safety Purge ..
Safety Purge Line with STAINLESS STEEL SAFETY QD and Push to Connect QD
20 ft Black Purge Line with 1/4 inch Stainless SAFETY Quick Disconnect for easy line replacement. Yo..
Schrader Valve with High Pressure and Chemical Rated Core
Used to add pressure safely to any tank or all tanks when assembled. Only comes in 1/4 inch Brass or..
TE175 Combo Lexan Lid and Dryer Tank
With a Tamisium Extractor Vacuum System you can evaporate away and or recover any solvent and..

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