Obtaining N Butane and other SOLVENTS



There are many companies that supply solvents but the one I recommend is Xtane and is listed below.
I recommend them due to the fact that they offer a wide selection of proven solvent choices while stream lining the process for you.
You can purchase directly from the recommended supplier below by choosing the product you want from the down box and paying via paypal.
You will be redirected during the payment. Solvent purchases are paid for separately than Tamisium Product purchases.


The only primary volatile solvent choices I recommend in a Tamisium System are Butane, IsoButane or DiEthyl Ether.
Do not use propane or a blend of butane and propane in a Tamisium Extractor. Co-solvents are a different matter.


Solvent Purchase Option
You will be directed to paypal where you can purchase directly from Xtane via the paypal.

#50 X-Tane Cylinder

If you dont have paypal or dont want to purchase from the supplier above I can recommend the following companies for your butane and other solvent needs.
Following that, information will be provided on how to order from some of the other major suppliers of butane which can be difficult due to their resistance to selling butane to the public.

 You can obtain 99%, 99.5% or 99.9% pure N (normal) Butane from most any Specialty Gas Supplier. I suggest trying any one of the many supppliers such as Matheson, PraxAir, Air Liquide or Amerigas. There are dozesn of alternatives for filling your solvent needs. Setting up an account may not be as easy as clicking the link above. Please consider using the company I reccommend via the paypal link offered.

  • A word of advice. If you go to a gas supplier and expect them to sell you a flammable solvent in bulk form I highly suggest you act professionally and set up a legitimate account. They will not hesitate, and in fact it is thier obligation, to not provide solvents if they feel you are not going to be using them safely for a legal use. Most of these companies are nationally publically traded on wallstreet and cannot take the risk.
  • Another word of advice. Most gas suppliers are used to dealing with a standard product that they have dealt with for years. If you request a gas that they will have to research in order to obtain it for you, they will most likely just tell you they cant get it. A lot of this can be bypassed if you already have an account with them and AND, you ask them for their "SPECIALTY GAS DEPT" PHONE NUMBER. These are guys that are used to being asked for specialty gases that are not commonly stocked or available to the regular service center for that company. START BY ASKING FOR THE SPECIALTY GAS DEPT PHONE NUMBER AND expect a wait period to fill the order.

When you do find butane you may find the following information useful.

  1. You must request a LIQUID SIPHON on the tank ordered. 
  2. The most common size tank for supplying Normal or N Butane is a LP5. Just like a barbeque propane tank. Any tank you place butane in must never have been filled with any other solvent or gas that contained odorants (mercaptans). Once they get into the metal, they are hard to remove if not impossible. So the Tanks will have to be a new specialty gas tank which may cost more.


PART OPTIONS AND DESCRIPTIONS for Tanks, N-Butane, and Connections

LP5 Tank Cylinder - WITH LIQUID SIPHON  PREFILLED WITH 99%, 99.5% or 99.9% PURE N-BUTANE. Mercaptan Free 99% is more than pure enough and will purify more as you use it.
Repeat this over and over when ordering from any GAS/SOLVENT SUPPLIER.

Below are the common terminology that gas suppliers may use for ordering parts. These describe the different tanks, fittings and levels of purity of N Butane.

 LP5 4.5 Gallon Tank with LIQUID SIPHON TUBE
22 lbs Chemically Pure 99% pure N-Butane (Mercaptan Free)
4.5 gallons
** Prices for 4.5 gallons of 99% pure N-Butane start at: $150.00 and vary with suppliers and your locations due to shipping cost and DOT permits and other fees associated with transporting across state lines etc.

 LP5 4.5 Gallon Tank with LIQUID SIPHON TUBE
22 lbs Instrument Grade 99.5% pure N-Butane (Mercaptan Free)
4.5 gallons
  **  Prices for 4.5 gallons of 99.5% pure N-Butane start at: $200.00 and up 

LP5 4.5 Gallon Tank with LIQUID SIPHON TUBE
22 lbs Ultra High Purity 99.9% pure N-Butane (Mercaptan Free)
4.5 gallons
 ** Prices for 4.5 gallons of 99.9% pure N-Butane start at: $750.00 and up. 

The above prices are estimates you could expect to pay for the specified tank filled with the specified solvent.
The prices do not include the rental cost or purchase price of the empty tank.
If you want to rent the tank I am sure there is an additional charge.
 Most gas suppliers offer the option of purchasing the tank to avoid renting.


Rent or Purchase the Tank for Exchange and only pay for the solvent added.

** LP5 Monthly Cylinder Rental - Charges vary.
** Outright sale of LP5 Cylinder which is refillable - Purchase Prices Start at: $125.00 and up.

There are other tank sizes available.



* You will need a 1/4" male pipe thread stem coming out of your dispensing tank if you want to hook our lines to your that tank.


Please remember that most solvents are flammable. When opening and closing any of the extractors, please safely purge the units and do so in a well ventilated, spark free environment. The smaller units can be taken outside. Know the properties of the solvents being used for any process of any extraction with any apparatus. Accessory Safety Purge lines are available for each extractor.

All of the prices on this site are in USD and are subject to change.


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