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QUESTION; Rose Oil Extractions are possible? In past years I was a LP Gas plumber, I installed and delivered Propane gas to homes and schools.

I have always been fascinated by liquefied gases and am vary excited about your table top butane system. Have you ever heard of Wally Minto's wonder wheel? I built one tank / axle component to successfully try out the system but could never justify the time and expense of building the complete unit. I think it only a novelty. I have spent time in a mint still steam extracting peppermint oil in the Willamette valley in Oregon and since have considered the value of essential oils and a reasonable means to extract them. Toward that end I have collected about two bushels of dried rose petals and can think of many other oils I would like to try extracting.

ANSWER; Roses yield some of the lowest amounts of oil.. The way they are harvested is absolutely critical to ensure you take them at the correct time to get the most out of them. I have heard of people setting and watching them bloom to be certain they pick the blooms at that precise time. Losing as much as 80% of the fragrance by waiting hours after that designated time. Even with a butane extractor you may only get a gram of oil from 75 grams of flowers when you purchase them from an online distributor. harvesting them fresh is the only way to go. Bag them up quick and extract them before they dry after they are macerated. One factor in pricing oils is determined by the weight of the flowers versus the yield of oil extracted. Labor and Time IE.

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