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QUESTION; What about finishing the product.. i would like it to look like a dry paste


Extracting is not magic. You are dissolving chemicals of various polarities with solvents of like polarities. You are using temperature to melt  and make soluble or solidify wanted and unwanted components of the plant. And you allow time for this to occur to more or less of a degree. More time for what is working to work. The ability to control these adjustments from zero to maximum allows you to get everything out if you want or to restrict the process in multiple ways. This is what makes a extractor more or less valuable. The ability of the extractor to be constrictive in one or all these adjustments is what separates a tamisium from other extractors. Some always will require pressure or heat for example. To be able to extract with the least impact on the final product is golden. In other words, you want to be able to take out what is in the plant without changing it. Heat and Pressure are violent forces and are catalyst for molecular reaction, especially when combined with reactive compounds and solvents. Butane is non reactive and we do not use enough heat and pressure to cause reactions anyway. It is a dream come true apparatus for those that know. 

These products below are most likely what you are curious about. All these extracts were produced from the same plant material. Not just the same genus and species but the same plant material. They were produced using a older style TE175 Tamisium Extractor. The little guy. Adam created these product variations by varying the time temp and pressure during and even after extracting. He reports yields as high as 30%. To do all this with one extractor you would need a system that allows you to zero out or increase all the extraction parameters. A Tamisium Extractor is the only extractor in the world that allows you to do this and recover the solvent without any additional equipment. Personally I prefer to extract out everything from the plant and prefer a product that looks like the top 3rd in the photo. With some plants that contain such a large amount of medicinally beneficial compounds, it makes no sense to leave any behind. If you are versed in chemistry enough you will have plenty of ways to isolate the various compounds once you get them out. But to be able to vary what you extract out the first time and still be cost effective enough to go back through a second time to get out what was left behind is incredible and now possible.


There are many non polar oils that are extracted from a plant when using the non polar solvent butane. Some are thin and some or thick to solid. Temperature and time controls how much and what you get out. If you extract them all out you would have a concrete. To get a solid from a mixture of these you would have to evaporate the thinner oils, filtering, aeration or avoid them during the extraction process by using various extraction techniques using your ability to control time, temp, pressure and solvent polarity. To target a limited number of them you would have an absolute. To target one or two you would have an essential oil or more pure oil. You can do it all but you have to know what effects the outcome. It will be either solvent combination, time, temp, pressure, quality, density of your packed column or any combination of the 6.

You can get anything out of the plant and in most cases you can control what you get out but the industry standard procedure is to prepare your extract after it has been extracted. Refining it to look like what you want it to or isolating compounds after you get it out is the norm. It is remarkable to be able to do this during the extraction process but with a Tamisium, you can do this in most cases. WHY? Because it is easier to restrict the effects of these extraction parameters with this system. And if you want to extract it all then it is easy to max them out as well.

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