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QUESTION; What is N-Butane different from lighter butane?

ANSWER; N or Normal Butane is a pure chemical mixed with no other chemicals. Lighter fluid is mixed with propane, hexane, isobutane or a combination of. Mixing with propane ensures that the fuel will have enough pressure at cold temperatures to ignite. the other chemicals are in there probably because it is just cheaper to leave them in rather than remove them. Since is used as a fuel, there would be no concern for food quality etc.

Although in very small amounts, I have read that even those chemicals are non toxic and can be easily removed. The question as it pertains to the Tamisium Extraction process is further discussed on the post on the site and more in the manual but basically the additional pressure caused by the added propane is sufficient to require a different procedure to deal
with it so that the recovery of most of the butane solvent can still be achieved. Stick with 99% pure or better (N)ormal Butane.

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