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QUESTION; Why do you say that propane is added to disposable lighter fuels?

ANSWER; Butane makes a poor fuel by itself. The flame would be low and get lower as the butane evaporates into vapor in the lighter.The cooling effect from the evaporation would eventually slow vapor formation so much that the density of the vapors would decrease to the point that they would fail to ignite or fail to hold enough flame to be of any use. This is why a solvent like propane, with a lower boiling temp than butane, is added to the mixture. Butane boils at around 32F. Propane boils at -55F. At room temp. Propane would have a pressure of 177 psi. Combing it with butane reduces this pressure to a more reasonable pressure for lighters carried in your pocket. Butane alone would be safer but would not work as well. If a lighter was filled with propane alone and the container ruptured it would be like a large firecracker going off in your hand. Pressures are serious business. Trivial information: A human can blow about 3 psi but you can sneeze at about 100 mph. Colibri contains 78% N Butane and 22% Propane

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