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QUESTION; Why not just use lighter fuels? Are they not pure butane?

ANSWER: Any lighter fuel is not going to be pure butane because butane makes a really poor fuel if you want to ignite it in cold temperatures.You have to mix propane with it. All the talk about 5x filtered and refined is only talking about the particulate matter in the fuel. This has to be removed so it does not clog up the lighters. It has nothing to do with purity. Otherwise they would place a % of purity on the label. Pure Propane and pure butane produces the same results when extracting but propane does not condense until you get to -50F or so. And at room temp it is at 177 psi. So it makes for a poor candidate if you want to recover the solvent after you use it to extract.

Butane and propane is the best choice. FDA approves consumption of food products if butane was used to make them. They may not boast of it on the labels but when it says petroleum distillates are used as a propellant, they are saying propane and butane. Why?, because they evaporate completely away, are non toxic and dissolve the oils and carry them out of the canister better than any other solvent. Including CO2. Otherwise another solvent would be used.

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