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QUESTION; Can you get wax out of it as your end product... Is there a way to agitate it during cure process Wax can be extracted from any plant with a non polar solvent.

ANSWER; What you really are asking is can the wax be extracted with or without the thinner oils and then can it be made thicker or lighter in color. The various oils that come out of the plant can be evaporated away after you extract them out or you can freeze the plant material and avoid getting out the waxes during the extraction.

Colors can be avoided by avoiding the darker tannins in the plant which are usually avoided by not using polar based solvents or by not adding heat to the plant material. Play around with the temp and you will find a nice middle ground that will produce a light high yielding extraction.

The fact that you can control the type of solvents, the temperature of those solvents and the time the solvent is in contact with the plant material means you can control this process like no other.

So the answer is yes you can extract wax as your end product.

In addition you can eliminate the wax from the extract by not extracting it out.
However since wax is so soluble in butane you may want to use a delipidation process such as when implementing our Activated Charcoal Canister called a Channel Filter.
AC filters can also remove color, taste and odors depending on the AC you choose.

When freezing the solvent to make it lighter and decrease the more viscous wax, you will have to evaporate your less viscous oils away to make it thicken up or harden. You will lose product by not extracting it out and you will lose product when you evaporate it way. This means your extract volume or weight will decrease. This is contradictory to what you would want to do but sometimes a market is misled into thinking this is a superior product because what they actually received was a pure product and is more concentrated. However the synergism of the total plant is lost and can render the final product ineffective in some cases. A total extraction for medicinal uses is desired in most plant extractions. Especially for topical and edible.

What you need to learn to use are time, temp, pressure and polarity to alter the end product until you are able to allow the extraction process to produce what you want. Or you need to learn how to manipulate the product correctly once it is removed from the plant which is the standard approach. Meaning most refining is done after the extraction process, however with this extractor you can actually do a lot of refining during the extraction process.

For example, you can decrease the temperature to freezing but then you have to add time or your yields will go as low as if you just shot the butane through a pipe and performed a low yielding gas extractions. So take advantage of the fact that you can use liquid cold and time and experiment.

And yes you can agitate it during recover or you can pour out a partially butane diluted extract and agitate it from there. Butane is a liquid with no pressure if the temp is 32F or lower. You can open it up and pour it into a glass evaporation dish and evaporate the final solvent away safely. Warm it up above 32F and give it enough time and it will all turn back into a gas,. Very easy to manipulate.

When extracting volatile oils always use butane and nothing else. If you use anything else that boils at close to the temp of your oils you will lose the oils through evaporation when removing the other solvents. You don’t lose those oils when evaporating butane away as long as you don’t add too much heat when doing so. Let butane evaporate naturally and don’t apply heat. The ambient air temperature is enough. Butane will freezer anything else when it is leaving which will prevent the oils from evaporating away.

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