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QUESTION; Do you really get to re use the butane? and which one do you have specifically, please tell me more about it i use a home made

version that is no where near sophisticated but cost me all of 20 dollars... the money back on that was a blink of an eye in comparison.

ANSWER; Butane is recovered after it is used. A closed system is safer and it allows you to perform hot, cold, low pressure or no pressure extractions with one or multiple polarity solvents as well as recover the butane. Being able to do all these things for the first time allows anyone to perform more extractions to get more variety and higher yields more efficiently than anything ever produced.

There are proteins that are being discovered from grains that have never been seen before, because butane solvent can be used while implementing all these parameter controls. Some components are being seen for the first time, when before, they were destroyed by the extraction process itself. This suggest that all research on plants may have to be done again to see what may have been missed.

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