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  • Adam United States 21 Jun 2012
    i have got up to a 24% return..36g from 4.5 oz. of plant material
    Tamisum Extractor Customer
  • Adam United States 20 Jul 2012
    The t700 makes an excellent flower extraction it is well worth the startup costs makes retreival of extract more convenient and tidy..the extract looks like peanut butter taffy
    Tamisum Extractor Customer
  • Customer colorado 15 Jun 2012
    Went through many types of extractions been working with the Tami for about a week, still going through trial and errors but way impressed well worth the investment, grade a product!
    Tamisum Extractor Customer
  • Customer denver and seattle 15 Nov 2012
    I recently purchased the te175 , the super deluxe with the case and all. I have to say I love this thing. First off it weights a ton, not some walmart built item, cant describe the quality, its medical and scientific. To those critics i see on occasional blogs once you add up your fuel savings alone ( not to mention safety and health from inhalation of butane in a open air system) is worth it. If you waste 10 g per extraction vs 300g can of 7x or worse N butane. I have already saved $1000 in 9 weeks in fuel alone. Paying for itself not to mention the precision of heat and psi. How can you lose??? you cant, I am only saving to up grade to the te700 or hoping the te3000 in the next year. My gauge broke due to my own fault, $18 david had a new one in 5 days time. Thanks David and crew you guys are amazing. If you dbout this machine email me i vouch for it!!!
    Tamisum Extractor Customer
  • Paul Seattle 10 Jan 2013
    If you look up the q and a David was kind enough to give me a shout out and highlight some of my work. I meet David because I wanted a machine that could remove all critical oils and smells as well as flavors that myself and patients wanted. I wanted a machine that was lab grade and could run N butane. Ever seen a msds sheet for vector? NO? you should! This machine enables me to recycle 90-98% all butane- This depends upon the model you own. The new wide mouth units can recover more as you have ez access to the product. Tamisium allows me any texture from crumbly , to wax, to playdough, taffy oil that can shatter at room temp or oil if you so wish. I have seen up to 30% return on flower and 17-19% on leaf. It does vary from plant to strain to grower to so on. I have reran my product and revived next to nothing clearly showing the efficiency of Tami. People say all that money for a machine?? Well #1 clean n butane #2 savings in fuel recycling #3 it removes everything first shot #4 safe indoors #5 100 psi and vac the base and your moving some fuel and getting some oil. The fuel cost alone pays for the unit in days. If your not sold on this machine your not serious about your product, I was worried at first also but within days i was excited about purchase. I have many more pics and advice to offer. If your serious and want to know more email me and ask away I am an independent customer and live in Seattle. Look me up on grasscity and other sites of the like TamiisiumProAl25 I always give honest advice on the machine as well as recipe help and tips to owners.
    Tamisum Extractor Customer
  • Alex Seattle 27 Jan 2013
    This thing is amazing!! first off n butane is the way to go if you use the oils for human use of any kind. I save endless money in fuel cost. I have see up to 30% returns. I can create any color or texture you can imagine with this machine. I purchased my Tami and after a few runs realized Why did i wait so long. Feel free to email me personally if you have any questions. alombardi 21 at g mail I can and will help with any questions you have about my herbal flower and leaf meds i created. Look at my work under the Q and A section, first question. David and crew Keep up the genius work guys!
    Tamisum Extractor Customer

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