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About Us


About Tamisium Extractors Inc.


The goal at Tamisium Extractors Inc. is to bring back the creative genius to each of us. I believe it is this lack of creative nature that has led to the corporate giants controlling what we place into our bodies. We have allowed this to happen with our food and medicine by giving manufacturing consent. It is not the FDAs problem to solve. The FDA is merely here to protect us from quacks and charlatans which prey on our lack of genius, however, their tough stringent costly requirements have forced pharma to evade any product that will not facilitate millions for their investors and essentially prohibited the smaller guys from surfacing. Pharma strategically places monkeys in the machinery to stop us from doing for ourselves. If you can grow it and extract it freely, how would that benefit them.


Dont blame the Pharma, they are controlled by investors, They are big business. You are too blame if you ever looked to them for salvation. We are under the illusion that pharma will save us. We are dependent on them because we have lost the ability and desire to save ourselves. We have fallen into the allure of business ads that sell products that prey on hope. Worming their way into your eyes and ears through legal loopholes, marketing and biased media opinions. They have distracted you from hard work and true solutions. We have nobody to blame but ourselves when we looked for a solution within a profit driven industry where the bottom line is a roll of digits and not about your health.

I am sure there is corruption in the industry as expected when dealing with billions of dollars, but there is also enough good left in that industry and government to allow us to find new means to help ourselves. You need to educate yourself. Become informed while you look into new discoveries using the tools of the age such as our ever growing technology, your new informed mind, and new equipment. The private sector is what built our country and this is what will bring it back. Bring back the private sector so that we can find those hidden gems we call the genius. It is the genius that will save this world. Not the dollar. Of the people, by the people, for the people. In that order there is order. Our constitution is one of the greatest documents ever written. Let us use it.

The Table Top Extractor will allow you to conduct research and test in the privacy of your own home/lab. Far more economical and easy to use than traditional equipment. And the education that comes with it is priceless. You are not just buying an Extractor. You are buying a process and investing in your well being and future.

David McGhee

Creator of the Tamisium Extractor

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