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Siphon Caps

Siphon Caps
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Siphon caps allow you to replace your older cap on your RC tanks with a new cap that has a siphon tube. This will allow you to do many things.

You will no longer be required to invert your tank to pass the solvent out and through your columns.
Add warm water to create the head pressure in your RC tank versus being forced to use a Heating jacket.
With a non siphon cap adding heat to the tank while inverted presented a problem for those that did not
have the heating system.   

Remember adding heat to the Solvent Delivery Tank is how you create head pressure to expel the tank of the solvent. Adding heat does not mean your tank will get hot so long as you keep the ball valve open to allow the solvent to exit before it absorbs the BTUs.
Adding heat is how you perform a sub freezing extraction.

The siphon tube cap allows you to do this more easily if you do not want to invert your tank or if you do not have a heating jacket system.

Whats included.

  • You will receive a new 2 ft hp line with a Female Safety QD on one end and a male Safety QD on the other.
  • You will receive a Siphon Cap with a Ball Valve and Male Safety QD attached.

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